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Indian tradition is full of fun, laughter and ceremonies.
Amongst all, Haldi is one of the most loved and colourfull event. In this ceremony, paste of haldi and chandan is applied on groom’s/bride’s body before the day of wedding.
The color yellow marks the auspicious beginning of the marriage.


Mehndi is a ceremony very close to each and everyone’s heart, creating memories for a lifetime for the groom’s/bride’s family, relatives and friends with music, dance, food and fun.
Applying mehndi to the groom’s/brides hands before the wedding is one of the oldest tradition. Mehndi represents the bond of matrimony and therefore, considered a “shagun”. It signifies love and affection between the couple and their families.
We  believe in celebrating their eternal bonding by following the various customized themes for Mehndi Ceremony.

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Sangeet / Cocktail / Bachelorette party

When it comes down to a Bachelor / Cocktail parties, its really about a Groom/Bride -to-be celebrating a joyous moment with their closest friends and family.
This is a way they announce that they are ready to move into the new life from single to togetherness.


A baraat is the main ceremony. Its the wedding procession of the groom along with family friends. There is an immense celebration. The groom proceed towards her bride with music , band , dj , dance , dhol. It is a custom that has a religious significance to it.
When the groom reaches, finally the bride n groom comes together and take vows for their togetherness forever . Each ceremony has an important role !