Galaxy Weddings

Wedding Planning Services

As a Wedding Planner We Provide complete Wedding solution, from Planning to the Execution of wedding. We have a Team of Professionals to Design and execute each wedding from beginning to end.
As a Wedding Planner we help to create a wedding According to the lifestyle of a couple.
As a Wedding Planner we want you to have peace of mind, no need to worry about your special day our team will handle your wedding with complete attention.
At Galaxy Events and Weddings, we try to make every wedding a stress free for our clients .
We will create a wonderful experience for you and your guests by understanding your requirements
Galaxy Events takes care of the work efficiently and effectively with proper planning that prevents the guess work for your destination wedding
We will help you to chose the location venue and other Local supplier

With presence in Mumbai , Delhi,Goa we are offering destination weddings in across the country

we have the ability to create beautiful weddings in the most beautiful places in the world. We make your wedding our priority, so that you can be overwhelmed with excitement about your own wedding and enjoy the day without the stress.

Our Services

1.Wedding Venue arrangements 2.Wedding decoration 3.Theme Weddings 4.Destination Weddings 5.Venue Arrangements 6.Hospitality 7.Artists / Celebrity Management 8.Choreographers9.Catering Services,10.Trousseau 11.Photography & Videography 12. Hair & Make-up 13. Mehandi 14.Transport & Accommodations

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