Wedding Planners


Mehandi Ceremony : Mehndi is a Pre Wedding Ceremony Where Mehandi is applied on the Bride’s And Groom’s Hands.

Haldi Ceremony : Turmeric Paste Along With Other Ingredients is applied .The Haldi Paste Is Applied to the Bride’s and Groom both

Sangeet Ceremony :The Sangeet Is A celebration with Fun-Filled Ceremony where Families Get Together To Perform Traditional Song-Dance And Whilst Become Better Aquatinted. The Bride’s Family Will Sing Folk Songs Welcoming The Groom’s Family.

Cocktail : A cocktail party wedding reception is usually a more casual and relaxed style of celebration than a formal sit-down dinner reception. Guests are served appetizers and drinks, including cocktails, wine, beer, and other beverages. This type of wedding reception allows guests to mingle and socialize freely, and often has a festive atmosphere.

Wedding Reception : A wedding reception is a social function that is typically organized to celebrate the newlyweds. It usually follows the wedding ceremony and offers guests the opportunity to congratulate the couple, enjoy good food and drinks, and dance and mingle with other guests

Jaimala : The jaimala ceremony, also known as the varmala ceremony, is a traditional Hindu wedding ritual that holds great significance1. It is the first ritual that takes place between the bride and the groom on the day of their wedding.During the jaimala ceremony, the bride and groom exchange flower garlands known as varmalas or jaimalas

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